List of Beaches in João Pessoa

List of Beaches in João Pessoa

Cabo Branco Beach

One of the most important beaches in the urban area of the city, between Ponta do Seixas, the easternmost place in America, and Tambaú beach. It is a very calm, safe and beautiful beach, where you can walk or run along the sidewalk. There are many bars and restaurant where you can drink coconut water or a beer and eat delicious sea-food dishes. There are also many different kinds of accommodation: inns and hotels in front of the sea. This beach is good for windsurfing.

Tambaú Beach   

Tambaú is located in the liveliest place in the city, where are the most the hotels and restaurants. It is a very quiet beach with hot water, soft sand and coconut trees. Apart form enjoying the sea, many people take a time to walk along the sidewalk, visit the workmanship market or have a glass of coconut water in one of the bars. From this place you can also take a boat tour to Picãozinho, a natural pool located at 1500 meters form the coast.

Manaíra Beach

Next to Tambaú, Manaíra Beach offers a great variety of restaurants and bars with live music. Due to its extension, it’s good to take long walks enjoying the soft wind from the sea.

Bessa Beach

Located in the north of the urban coastline, Bessa beach offers excellent bars, restaurants and hotels. It is a very calm beach with green water and reefs. Here are the principal yacht club, Iate Clube da Paraíba, and the aerodrome, Aeroclube de João Pessoa.


At Tambaú beach, you can take a boat to Picãozinho, natural pool formed among the reefs when the tide is down. These pools, with clear, hot and calm water, are located 1500 meters from the coast. They are ideal to go snorkeling. You can also walk or swim among small fish. See the Map
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