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Saint Anthony Convent

Saint Anthony Convent

The Convent was also outstanding in the field of science. Friar Vicente do Salvador is ..

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

The Cabo Branco Lighthouse is located on the cliffs of Cabo Branco, district of the same ..

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Ecology in Joao Pessoa

Ecology in Joao Pessoa
We want to use this section to show how things are done in João Pessoa with regards to all matters ecological. The prefeitura does try and every so often comes up with an initiative to help the environment.
There are several projects on the go, some are well known, others are not so well known.

A few facts about rubbish

It is collected three times a week in most neighbourhoods of João Pessoa and generally, the bin men are thorough. There is a service where you can ring up Emlur to have them clear away trees and large pieces of furniture, though by the time they come to collect it street scavengers have usually taken it away.

People generally separate their kitchen and sanitary waste from recyclable waste such as paper (and cardboard), plastic, glass and tins. This helps the rubbish collectors. Like it or not, people going through the rubbish, outside your door, is a fact of life here in Brasil. So you can make life easier by putting your tins etc in separate bags. Leave a couple of cardboard sheets outside and you will be lucky if it stays there an hour.

Solar Energy in Joao Pessoa

The prefeitura of João Pessoa have been looking at solar energy options for some time. There were debates recently (May 2008) which involved its use in public buildings and to introduce legislation that would mean that all buildings (non-residential) would have to include some form of solar energy system. The buildings they had in mind were schools, hospitals, clinics, sh ps and hairdressers, hotels, motels, all types of sports clubs and gyms, industrial premises.

Concerning residential buildings, anything with over three toilets would have to have a solar energy installation. It would also be obligatory to have a solar energy system for every property with a swimming pool.
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