Famous Places to see in João Pessoa

Famous Places to see  in João Pessoa
Besides being the most eastern city in Brazil and in the American continent, João Pessoa is considered the greenest city in the country. Large areas of native woods with tracks for walking give the landscape a tone of harmony and balance.
Estação Ciência, Cultura e Artes

With more than 5 square meters, the Estação Ciência, Cultura e Artes designed by Oscar Niemeyer, is an important work in the extreme east of the Americas. Located on top of a cliff in the Bosque dos Sonhos in João Pessoa, the place brings together several buildings: a tower, all surrounded by glass, where is located the area of exposure, in the top, a panoramic terrace that offers a wonderful view of 360 degrees, from there you can overlook the sea, the beach, the city and the rainforest, a theater with capacity for 518 people, with independent access, and an amphitheater for 300 people where various cultural events are held.
Solon de Lucena Park

A lagoon surrounded by Imperial Palm trees. It is one of the most visited places in the city where great popular celebrations happen.

Light of Cabo Branco

At the top of a cliff, in the Ponta do Seixas, the Light indicates the point most Eastern of the continent. Thence the ocean in all its extension can be appreciated. The sensation to be in the most extreme position of America is exciting and unforgettable.

Arruda Câmara Zoo

The zoological and botanical park in the center of the city popularly called ‘Bica’. It is one of the best visits for the ones who love nature. In addition to a great diversity of animals, the park counts with a beautiful collection of orchids and other samples of the tropical flora.

Santa Roza Theatre

Inaugurated in August of 1889, it is the most important theater in the city. It is one of the four older theaters in Brazil and is representative of the XIX century architecture with characteristics of the Italian baroque. It had been used for cinematographic exhibitions for many years. But today the visitor can enjoy watching plays everyday.

José Lins do Rego

With its modern architecture, the Espaço Cultural is destined to lodge all types of cultural activity. It has a modern cinema that can also be used as room for concerts and a large multipurpose space that is ideal for fairs and congresses, as well as shows.

Next to the Palace of Government, located in the Três Poderes Square, is the Mausoleum in memory of ex-President João Pessoa, an obligatory visit for the ones who arrive at the Capital City.
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