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Saint Anthony Convent

Saint Anthony Convent

The Convent was also outstanding in the field of science. Friar Vicente do Salvador is ..

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

The Cabo Branco Lighthouse is located on the cliffs of Cabo Branco, district of the same ..

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Sand and Sea Water Quality in Joao Pessoa

Sand and Sea Water Quality in Joao Pessoa
The Prefeitura of João Pessoa have a policy to check the waterways and beaches every week as they realise the importance keeping these areas clean. They check for infractions and pollution.
At the moment, their attention is focused on the area in front of the Tambau tourist office. The whole area is being remodeled and refurbished and the drainage forms part of that plan. A team of beach cleaners works tirelessly to keep the beachfront clear of litter and any material washed up on the beach.

This year alone over 200 tons of rubbish has been removed from the River Jaguaripe. This work ties in with the beach clearance programmes to keep the beaches free from litter. Many of the southern beaches of João Pessoa look pristine but there is a lot of work involved. The locals are paid to collect the bottles and cans etc and put them in a designated collection area.

To the untrained eye and uninformed, this can look just like an unofficial dump but the Prefeitura have worked to get the locals to think hard about what they do in their environment. So when visiting these areas respect the “natureza”.

Sea erosion around João Pessoa is also monitored and an R$8 million barrier was recently built at the lower end of Cabo Branco.
Desalination plants.

Although it has rained hard enough to launch the Titanic there are plans afoot to build experimental desalination plants in Lucena and the litoral south. The government feels there is a need for more fresh water in these areas possibly due to the anticipated building of houses.
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